Upcoming SLSA Meeting – August 26, 2023

🌊🍃 Dive into the Depths of Skeleton Lake! 🍃🌊

📢 Highlight Speaker: Alberta Lake Management Society

📅 Mark your calendars for August 26, 2023 at 10:00 AM! The Skeleton Lake Stewardship Association is thrilled to invite you to “The State of Skeleton Lake” event – an insightful journey into the heart of our beloved lake’s past, present, and future. 🏞️

Meeting Poster

🌟 Join us for an engaging morning where we’ll uncover the remarkable story of Skeleton Lake

✅ Discover who we are and our unwavering commitment to preserving Skeleton Lake’s beauty.
✅ Get inspired by our mission and vision for a sustainable future.

🕰️ Reflect on our journey:
🔮 Where we were (Past)
🔮 Where we are (Present)
🔮 Where we are going (Future)

💦 Insights into Water Levels
🚀 The Path Forward
💚 Discover how you can contribute
💰 Financial support – every bit counts!
🤝 Sign up as a volunteer and be part of our vital projects.

🧐 Have questions or want to learn more? The Q&A session is your chance to dive deeper!

We’re also on the lookout for dedicated individuals:
📊 Treasurer: Handle the financial helm with finesse.
📝 Grant Writer: Craft the future with words and secure valuable grants.
🙋 Volunteers: Join our force for positive change.

⏰ So, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to shape the destiny of Skeleton Lake. Let’s unite and ensure the lake’s splendor for generations to come! See you on August 26! 🌊🌄

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